Tips to improve local SEO of your website

The ranking of the web pages on search engines are improved by way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Local SEO makes it easier for the customers to gather information regarding the local business. A physical location is quite essential for the business so as to be ranked by the local search engine optimization as well as Google Maps. In addition to having the physical location, the local business must get listed in the search engine locally to get higher ranking by the local SEO. The local business can sign up in the search engines once it has the physical location. SEO in Philadelphia insists the local businesses for optimization of the website as well as the content. In today’s internet marketing scenario, sufficient quantity of fresh, high-quality content is very important for visitors as well as search engines. While it is important to meet the guidelines set by the search engines through keyword optimization one must avoid stuffing the text with keywords. Too many keywords may even lead to negative results. With proper keyword optimization one can get the results faster.

Meta Description, Meta Title

According to SEO Philadelphia experts, though not a ranking factor, a meta description will certainly make the website more attractive as well as user-friendly. On finding a catchy and engaging description, the visitor is tempted to click on the listing and makes a visit to the web page. When the physical location of the business is also mentioned on the page, the visitor comes to know that the product or the service is available in that particular locality itself. In order to enable all the visitors to know where the business is located, along with the content, the city and the state also are to be mentioned. Other important features that are to be included are Q&A from local customers, customer reviews and pages that contain testimonials. The Meta Title is to be edited so as to make it more relevant as well as engaging for the local visitors. To facilitate local SEO, the desired location also may be mentioned along with the name of the business.

List the business on Google My Business

SEO in Philadelphia helps the local business to get listed in the local search as well as on Google Maps by way of listing the business on Google My Business. Also, the local business can create the listing for the business on the local directories as well as review websites. One can add his business to various websites also to increase the number of listing. More listing sites can be selected by searching for local directories. SEO Philadelphia insists the local businesses to ensure that the same exact wordings are used for name of the business, physical address and phone number in all the listing websites so that there is consistency in the listings. Google as well as other search engines will not tolerate inconsistent listings.

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