Benefits of an Employee Advocacy for Brand Advocates

Employee advocacy has gained incredible traction with businesses in the past couple of years. In fact, companies, small and big, can no longer ignore the power of employee advocacy in the social media age. And for a simple and plain reason: consumers trust a word from employees more than other channels, including advertising.

So, instead of shelling out top-dollar on ads, businesses are encouraging employees to spread company and product updates online. The numbers don’t lie: employee advocacy works like a charm.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy to Businesses in Numbers

According to extensive research conducted by Social Media Today in collaboration with Hinge Research Institute (HSI), the benefits of employee advocacy to businesses include up to 79% more visibility, 65% more brand recognition, and 72% more social media engagements.

That is incredible, but what is in it for the advocates? How do employees benefits from employee advocacy?

Take Your Career to the Next Level

The report by HSI further details that nearly 67% of participants felt that involvement in employee advocacy programs helped them advance in their careers. The most significant career benefits of employee advocacy include expansion of professional network (87% agreed) and staying on top of trends in the industry (76% agreed). Simply put, employee advocacy helps the advocates keep up with industry trends and learn ropes that are essential to their personal and professional developments.

Gain More Exposure

The reality of today’s business scene is that disengaged employees are missing out on a great deal of exposure. With constant updates in technology, innovations, and emerging ways of doing business, it’s important to find a way to keep up with changes to stay relevant in the industry.

With that said, employee advocacy benefits the employee advocate by opening avenues for engagement. Of course, the exposure benefits of employee advocacy are tremendous. For one, engage employees 24% more likely to help boost sales than their disengaged counterparts.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Receive a Reward

Most companies reward their employees for sharing what is happening in the workplace online. Well, who would argue with a few extra vacation days or a little bump in the paycheck?

Become an Influencer

By evangelizing company’s brand online, employees can become not only brand ambassadors but also thought leaders and industry experts. This way, advocates can build their credibility and trust, therefore becoming influencers within the niche the company operates in.

By becoming an influencer, you will earn respect from your peers as well as customers will trust you more. At this point, the advocate becomes an asset. You can get your voice heard.

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